Current Projects

︎︎︎ NUBE’s Artist-in-Residence Call for Submissions

NUBE's Artist-in-Residence program will invite two emerging Ontario artists to participate in a six-month self-directed virtual artist residency. 

The residency will take place from August 1st, 2021 to January 31st, 2022 with bi-weekly online meetings. It will culminate in a two-person online exhibition taking place from March to May 2022. Artists will be paid an honorarium for participating, as well as CARFAC presentation, creation and artist talk fees. Deadline to apply: July 1st, 2021. Please note that this residency is only open to Ontario artists at this time.


︎︎︎ Desire(d) Paths

An exhibition and workshop series by Colectivo Satelital, through Lakeshore Arts.

Desire(d) Paths will be a participatory virtual exhibition and workshop series exploring systems of communication, transportation, importation and identification and how they relate to the process of navigating national borders.
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︎︎︎ Cuarenteca 

An online discoteca via Zoom born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, organized by Colectivo Satelital. Every week, our resident DJs Ana Luisaaaaaa (Ana Luisa Bernárdez) & Lil Arepa (Camila Salcedo) spin with other guest DJs.

Past Sponsors/Partners include Red Bull Canada, Everyseeker Halifax, Club Quarantine and Sucio.

For more information visit our Instagram account @cuarenteca or email us.

Promotional Posts by Cecilia Salcedo.

Promotional Posts by Camila Salcedo.

Zoom screenshot.

Alejandro Rizzo Nervo

Memorial: Work by Artists of the Venezuelan Diaspora - Xpace Cultural Centre

Memorial: Work by Venezuelan Diaspora Artists - Khyber Centre for the Arts